Flowing, graceful lines dance across the canvas.  Brush and vibrant color capture the essence of the inner-spirit of the all-powerful Equus.

My painting is a lifetime of passionate work, a progression of steps, each step  to create a more meaningful piece that speaks for the horse.

As an artist I work to integrate classical techniques, with contemporary color, no black, brown or gray. I capture impressions of light through layers of brilliant

color, wet on wet until finished.  My images start as a stark light/shadow rendering of pure pigment, detail evolving on eyes, ears, nostrils; brushstrokes looser

as they expand to surrounding areas.

I have a lifelong passionate love affair with horses.  With this comes  a knowing of the depth of the relationship one can have with the soul of a horse.

In my work, I invite the viewer to experience this relationship at an intimate level.