Dog PortraitsCommissioned Dog Portraits by Diane Williams

I love to capture the personality of the animal, the essence of who they are to you.

Through brush and vibrant color, I portray the inner spirit of the dog, creating a meaningful piece that speaks for the animal.

Continue below to start the process of a fine art Portrait.


Good quality clear, in-focus photos to work from.

The more clear the eye, nose, and mouth are, the easier it is to portray the physical characteristics of your pet.

Good light, not too many shadows.

I work from one main photo for the pose and will use details from other photographs if needed.

Taking photos

Three tips:

  1. Get up close
  2. Eye level to your pet
  3. Use natural light from a window or outdoors

Have your camera or smartphone handy over a few days and take photos when you can.


12x16 - $450
16x20 - $680
20x20 - $900
20x24 - $995

Deposit and payment

A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the amount is made before starting the charcoal drawing.

PayPal, E-transfer, or cheque. The rest is upon completion of the oil painting.
No framing is needed or recommended as I paint around the sides of the canvas.

Packing and Shipping

Shipping via Canada Post in Canada is economical for sizes 30x40 and under.
Contact Diane for US and overseas shipping and larger sizes.

Pet Portrait Contact

Email: your photos to
Call: 250-404-9101
Text: 587-899-0064

We will set up a phone call or Zoom to discuss your special equine portrait.