Warrior Dreams, Sable Island Bachelors
Diane Williams Art

Warrior Dreams, Sable Island Bachelors

28x52" archival limited edition photograph on canvas (50) available

"The wound is the place where Light enters you"~Rumi

Three young Sable Island stallions at rest. Strong camaraderie with their bachelor herd. The composition of three draws the eye deep into a meditative dream. Peaceful and powerful.

To be a photographer on Sable Island, 300 km from Halifax, Canada, on a remote 42 Km crescent sand spit is to be detached from the mainstream world.

Spending time sitting in the grass next to them, they invite you into their world. The young Stallions revel in their pretend play. They have a youthful sense of humor as they attack , wrestle and play with each other's necks, manes, tails and legs.

Coming back to civilization I realize how these 10 days left strong impressions on me. I am seeking deeper, more truthful connections with my own horses.