Diane Williams Art


24x38.5" archival photograph on canvas, limited edition (50) $1500 available

“The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep”~Rumi

An intimate moment between a Stallion and his mare, the gentle touch of his nostril softly caressing hers. The tiny pink dot of his nostril is visible behind hers.

From my diary, Wednesday, June 20th

First morning on Sable Island, up at 5 am. Found the Palomino Stallion and his herd near the windmill. Sat for three hours, hanging out with them. Six of the seven herd lay down around me, finally the stallion folded down on his knees. I tipped my head back onto the grass to see if he would put his head down too. He did, and I felt a whoosh of energy shift. I was invited into the circle of the herd. A most wonderful feeling!