Sable Island Bachelors, Silver
Diane Williams Art

Sable Island Bachelors, Silver

25x40" $1800 and 38x60" $3600 archival limited edition black and white photograph on silver aluminum (25) available

The photograph is printed in layers on silver aluminum metal. A "box" is created with 1.5" sides. No framing is needed. Wherever there is white in the photograph, it appears as silver. This unique photograph will pick up colors in the room and the changing light throughout the day.

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"~Rumi

Five young Sable Island stallions at rest. Strong camaraderie with their bachelor herd. A playful composition of five with wind blown manes and tails. Mischievous!

Spending time sitting in the grass next to them, they invite you into their world. The young Stallions revel in their pretend play. They have a youthful sense of humor as they attack , wrestle and play with each other's necks, manes, tails and legs.