Diane Williams Art


Diane Williams paints the spirit of horses in oil paint with vibrant color and wild textured brushstrokes. Her work triggers strong emotional responses. She asks the viewer to feel the world of light the horses inhabit.

Lusitano Contemporaneo
Lusitano Dreams, Marialva
 Lusitano Classico, Marialva
Marialva, Cavalo Lusitano
Lirica, Eye of the Soul
Fire Soul
You Were Born with Wings
Blue Spirit _painting
Larapio, One With the Angels
O You Playful Boys!
Equine Spirits II
Every Family has a Story...
Larapio, Autumn
Cheveaux d'Or
Follow My Tracks


  • Take home a piece on approval before buying.
  • Pay over 6-12 months with our no-interest, zero fees payment plan option.
  • Offering local deliveries and installation.
  • Low cost, world- wide shipping.
  • Email Diane about a piece you love to receive detail images.

Email, text or call Diane for more info: 587-899-0064