A spiritual adventure to Hartley Bay which took us into the inlets and streams where the

Salmon run in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada.

White Spirit bears,  black bears, cubs, salmon, waterfalls, eagles, giant trees, moss. 

Magical energy flowed every day as we were witness to the bear activity only meters away in

one of the most amazing temperate rain forests in the world. In the daily company of a very special bear, the Kermode Bear

(Ursus americanus kermodie) we spent six days along the streams of the rarest bear in the world. The White Spirit Bear is a

subspecies of the black bear that has a white/creamy fur, which is produced by a recessive gene.  


Thank you Marvin Robinson, bear whisperer, for opening this beauty for all of us to see 


These custom, fine-art photographs are printed on high-quality, canvas with archival pigment inks.  

Each one is an elegant artistic photograph, signed and numbered.  Corporate and private custom pieces are welcomed.

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