Follow My Tracks
Diane Williams Art

Follow My Tracks

40x60", original oil on canvas $1200 Available

"Follow my tracks in the sand that lead beyond thought and space"-Hafiz

An amazing adventure to Sable Island National Park Reserve, located 300 km offshore of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean.

To spend 10 days on Sable Island with 500 wild horses opened my senses. A crescent moon shaped island, 42 km long, 1.5 km wide. The ocean, shorelines, sea lions, horses, and terns can be seen from all points of the Island.

I followed these unruly bachelors for five hours on a windy morning. After a hard morning of play we all headed to the beach for a rest. I captured this image just before they disappeared into the fog.

The bachelors create their own "magic circle". Too old to be with their natural family, they band together. Freely chosen, their job is to play. They engage the inner workings of their social herd through play.