"I have had the opportunity to witness Diane bring the true essence and magic of my beloved equine partners onto canvas.
When I look at these pieces, my heart fills with such joy and peace knowing that as the years pass, the soul of these beautiful creatures lives on.
Diane has a way of capturing the spirit of each animal in its purest form, and sharing that through her artwork so we can all witness the beauty that she sees."

Horse Art Commissions

Diane Williams paints horses with a unique perspective. Color, light and motion portray the essence of her horses. She captures their spirit and personality through the playful movement of her brush.


Contact Diane personally to inquire about an original commissioned painting. Diane enjoys working with her clients to find that unique piece of art or a gift for a loved one.

Crate shipping to Canada and U.S. is approximately $200-$300 for a 30x40 piece of art.

  • Offering local deliveries and installation.
  • Low cost, world- wide shipping.
  • Send your favorite photo or schedule a complimentary photography session.
  • Inquiries are welcome. A 20 x 24 portrait starts at $895.
  • Flexible payment plans over 6-12 months.

Email, text or call Diane for more info: 587-899-0064

Painting Commissions Horses