Learn to Paint Horses with Alberta Artist,

Diane Williams

Learn to paint the spirit of horses with Diane Williams in her beautiful Studio in the

magic of the Foothills.

Offering private and semi-private lessons

 What you will learn in a three-hour afternoon session:

  •  A lesson on composition and placement of your subject on the canvas
  •  A step by step presentation  on Stages 1-4 (see photos) on how to layer your color .  Starting from  understanding how to paint a brilliant base layer to refinement of each stage  and finally to special detail on one part of the painting.
  • Color mixing without black, brown or grey.
  • Learn expressive  brush strokes.
  • Diane will guide you through the process from charcoal sketch to finished painting.  
  • Horse paintings typically take two full three-hour sessions.
  •  Open to all ages.  No previous painting experience  is necessary.  Diane has taught high school grades 8-12  for over 25 years.  From first time painters to building portfolios for post-secondary art including Advanced Placement Art (first year college). 
  • Book Diane for a luminous tune-up of your skills or to simply learn to paint.

  • Horses, Roosters, Flowers, and Favorite Pets are all wonderful subjects too!
  • Schedule a three hour intensive $150 or $50/hour
    Studio: 403-931-2733
Alberta Equine artist, Diane Williams paints portraits of Lusitanos 
and teaches private lessons in her Art Studio.

 ANCIENT SPIRIT - photo to painting

 Stage one to four


Canvas  16x20, 20x20 or 20x24 with wrapped sides  1 ½” deep.

Close-up color photo of a plant , flower, face of a horse or other non -complex subject matter.  The photo should have good structure or large shapes with not too much fussy detail.  Bring your photo on a thumb drive so you can paint from my large computer screen or bring your lap top to paint the image from.

Oil or acrylics , if first time painting, bring acrylic paint.

Basic colors  - cadmium yellow med, lemon yellow (Hanza or Azo work well)  cadmium orange, cad red deep, dioxazine purple, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, magenta or quinacridone violet, permanent rose or quinacridone rose, indian yellow and a large titanium white. 

Gesso for priming your canvas.

You are welcome to bring any other colors that you have except for brown, grey or black.

Brushes:  bring what you have plus:  4,6, 8, 10 inch bright or filbert (flat brush with a curved tip, I prefer the filberts).  One small rounded brush for detail (optional).  If working larger than 20x24, bring  a 12 inch flat brush.

Palette or large plastic container to put paint in and mix on.  I use a  16x20 Grey Matters paper palette.  Swinton’s Art Supplies will give you 10% off all supplies if you are a student.  

Willow Vine Charcoal for drawing the image onto the canvas.  Buy the smallest in thickness.

*It is important to prep your canvas with a coat of Gesso before doing your charcoal drawing.

Notebook or sketchbook to record the 4 stages

Oil paint:  no solvents are used.  Canola oil for keeping oil brushes fresh and paper towels for wiping excess paint off.  Gloss medium for acrylics. Bring vine charcoal for drawing on the canvas (no lead pencil).

Cost:  $150 for 3 hours of  private instruction. 

At the end of two sessionsyou will have a luminous  painting ready to give as a gift or to hang in a special place in your home, joyful inspiration, specific instructions on how to be able to paint full-spectrum producing more exciting, fresh paintings  on your own.


Semi-private 2 students $100 each for 3 hours.

Additional lessons:  $50/hour


Studio:  403-931-2733

 My Students

"The I of I" It is the eye of Indy. He is my heart horse, my muse, my soul and my reflection of myself...

" My best friend (Inet) and I traveled to work with Diane from Vancouver Island and Merritt, B.C. Both of us self denied, forgotten artists in sad and desperate need of inspiration. Boy did we find it!  From the moment we stepped into Diane's world and were hit full on by the vitality, power and spirituality of her paintings and herself. Her inspired and passionate teaching guided the two of us through a deceptively simple process, allowing the "Light to be our Teacher". She skillfully gave us enough knowledge to gain confidence, yet allowed us the freedom to experiment, make 'mistakes' :), and develop our unique expressions on the canvas. There to support and inspire, guide and set the foundation, 

Diane is as gifted a teacher as she is painter. Her energy and passion enabled us to become free to grow and trust ourselves. What a gift! What an amazing time....I will cherish it forever...Thank you Diane!"  

Stefanie T



Jayd (11)  paints a Windy Stallion in grass - Jan 4, 2014

Jan paints the spirit of nature, an abstract tulip and a sunflower

 Lynda paints the spirit of horses

Tanya paints the spirit of Dita, her beautiful mare

Lu paints a sorrel Arabian  

Jenny paints a colorful, textured Rooster


I am trying to remember now, how all of this came to be. I am looking at my painting and am in awe that it is real and that we painted him together over the past two days. Emma's Sable Island pony is here too. We (Emma, David and I) talked about painting and drawing and art as we had dinner this evening. You have expanded our world and brought more beauty into our lives. This is a most generous gift.

Thank you so much.