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  White horses of the Camargue have always intrigued me...enough to travel to Southern France May 2015 to photograph the magic of their spirits.

Magie Blanche 24x54.5  $1400

The white horses of the Camargue are known as one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world believed to be descended from prehistoric horses around 17,000 years ago.

These horses live semi-wild in the harsh marshlands of the Rhône delta, which cover part of the départements of Gard and Bouches-du-Rhône.  I enjoyed a week in the marshes and nearby ocean photographing their playful spirits.

"Guardians" known as the Camargue Horsemen are their protectors. They are passionate in their noble tradition of care-taking.  They selectively choose the hardy, agile white horses as their mounts for riding on their farms and for herding the black Camargue bulls.  

I had an opportunity to ride in the wetlands with a Camargue horse in a traditional Guardian saddle.  We waded through deep marshes and rode over the uneven terrain of the wetlands.  The horses were surefooted and delightful to spend time with.  

        *New- Into the Vast Fields of Light - 33x23 - $820

 Into the Bright ~ 24x45  $1200

 Deux Esprits ~ 30x45 ~ $1250

Esprits Mystiques ~ 18x23  $475

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 White Horses of the Camargue

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