Alberta Equine Artist Diane Williams

Paintings and Photography of the Sable Island Horses

 A ten day spiritual journey

To be a photographer- equine painter on Sable Island, 300km from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a remote 42km crescent sand spit is to be detached from the mainstream world.  Somewhere around 500 wild Stallions, mares, bachelors and foals inhabit this space.  These horses have no predators.

There is nothing more captivating than being in the moment with the wind, sand, grass, ponds, and the wild horses.  Spending time sitting in the grass next to them, they invite you into their peaceful world.

The young Stallions,  (Bachelors) revel in their pretend play.  They have a youthful sense of humor as they attack and wrestle and play with each other necks, manes, tails and legs.  They remind me of the grade 9 boys I taught in my Art Classes back in Vancouver, B.C.; a short attention span.

Coming back to civilization I realized how these ten days left strong impressions on me.  I am seeking deeper, more truthful connections with my own horses and friends.  Mostly in search of a less complicated, graceful way to pursue my journey.  

I am truly excited about gathering this beautiful energy to paint landscapes and portraits of the spirit of the Sable Island Horses.

Enjoy the photographic images and the paintings of the Sable Island Horses.  Do the horses  speak to you with their special energy?   Contact me to create the image as a painting or a photograph.  

Studio : 403-931-2733.  Inquires and questions are most welcome.




NEW * Warrior Dreams ~ 27.5 x 52 ~ $1700

New black&white & sepia Images of Sable Island

      NEW!    Equine Spirits II ~Sable Island Bachelors archival photograph on canvas Sepia ~28 x 64  ~ $1625  limited edition of 50

Camaraderie ~ "When spirit opens the door"

50x38 ~ $1800 Limited edition of 50

 Original photograph on canvas, archival canvas and ink

Equine Spirits ~ "Play more deeply o' wonderous spirits"

18x41.75 ~ $995 Limited edition of 50

Original photograph on canvas, archival canvas and ink 

Imagine..."I want to know the joy of how you whisper more"~Rumi

25x40 ~ $1200 Limited edition of 50  

Original photograph on canvas, archival canvas and ink

Follow My Tracks...

18.75x32 ~ $550 Limited Edition of 50  

Original photograph on Canvas, archival canvas and ink

 Sable Island Pony

Photographic Image on Canvas ~19x20  $500

Limited edition of 50, archival canvas and inks

"So I will always lean my heart as close to your soul as I can"~Hafiz

Sable Island Photography

Six favorite Sable Island photographs for sale,

 on silver and white metal dibond.  

 25 images of each photograph.

Archival for 100 years.



 Imagine…Sable Island Bachelors

I want to know the joy of how you whisper “more” ~Rumi

Limited Edition (25) High Contrast b&w Photograph

 on Silver Aluminum Dibond 

25x40 -$1800  or  38x60 - $3600

Following this unruly herd for an afternoon, I was captivated by their wonderful playful spirits.

Journey-Sable Island Bachelors

“ Follow my tracks in the sand that lead beyond thought and space." ~ Hafiz

Limited Edition (25) Photograph on Aluminum Alloy Dibond ~22.5x42  $1800

NEW* Limited Edition (50) on canvas 22.5x42.5 $1500

This photograph was inspired by the playful energy of the Sable Island Bachelors.  As I was heading to the weather station,  the only the place to stay on the Island, three Stallions emerged out of the fog.



“The door is round and open.  Don’t go back to sleep”~Rumi

Limited Edition (25) Photograph on Aluminum Alloy Dibond ~23x42  $1800

Inspired by the Sable Island Horses.

An intimate moment between a Stallion and his mare,

his gentle touch of his nostril softly caressing hers.


Sable Island Bachelors

 “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”  ~Rumi

Limited Edition (25) Color Photograph on Silver Aluminum Dibond 25x38.5  ~ $1800

 Following this unruly herd for an afternoon, I was taken by their wonderful playful spirits.”


“Thalo sky, storm currents encompassing…”

Limited Edition (25) Photograph Photograph on Silver Aluminum Dibond 26x40 ~ $1800

Inspired by the Sable Island Horses. 

I was drawn to the dramatic storm over the arc of the pond.

 As One

“Two spirits, a magical place”

Limited edition (25) Color Photograph on White Aluminum Dibond ~ 25x42  $1800

Canvas 25x42 $1500 Limited edition of 50

Two Sable Island spirits sharing space.