Photography Lessons


Put creativity and sensation in your photography;

 Sharpen your senses through composition and light.

A playful two hour morning light session with horses, 

10 minutes west of Millarville.

Diane and Andalusian mare.  Photo by Broo Russell 

What you will learn:
  • Power point presentation on classical composition, rule of 1/3, 
  • removing clutter, zooming in for the wow factor, how to shoot horses.
  • How to see.
  • What to look for to create a more exciting photo.
  • Shoot on P (program) adjusting white balance, ISO and AV + - (Aperture compensation).
  • Shoot on AV adjusting your F-stop
  • Shoot on manual adjusting your shutter speed
  • Make sense of portrait vs. landscape and depth of field
  • Learn how to use available light to your best advantage

About Diane:  I have taught high school students grade 9-12 digital photography for 5 years.  I am a hands on non-tech artistic teacher.  I enjoy having fun and shooting well.   With small field tips I will coach you step by step building  good shooting habits. I will teach you how to use your senses to see.  The course is early morning light, two hours total. We will start in my studio, move outside for shooting in a large herd of horses. 


Camera, lens(es),  camera manual (mandatory-this is for me if I am not familiar with your camera and for giving you hw), cloth to clean your lens, small backpack for carrying extra gear and a lunch/snacks, rain gear, good walking/hiking boots, hat, light gloves, extra warm clothes, umbrella, monopod or tripod if you have them, *extra battery (mandatory) batteries need to be charged the night before.

Contact  Diane to set up a convenient day.  Gather up two to five people for a class!


My studio is located 10 minutes from Millarville hamlet or 25 minutes from Bragg Creek. 


Studio: 403-931-2733


April 2014 early morning hoarfrost on Square Butte Ranches.  Photo by June Fox